The first building is up!

In Africa, seeing people cook on charcoal under the open sky is a regular occurance. While gas is expensive, bushes and trees are plentyful. Because people are used to cutting trees and processing them to charcoal, properties with an abundant populations of trees tend to lose them over time. This was confirmed by the former owner.

It was therefore important to have our property guarded. Two guards were employed in November 2014 and custruction of their living quarters began.

Construction of the first walls.
Construction of the first walls. A 3,000 water tank is visible in the background.

Having access to enough water was of pivotal importance, so a 3,000 liter water tank was acquired. It can be replenished by means of an electrical pump and a generator.

Excavating one of two septic tanks.
Excavating one of two septic tanks.

Two cesspits were created, one for solids and one for sewage.

Construction of the two cesspits
Construction of the two cesspits.

Showers and bathrooms, as well as a storage shed for the generator, were built on the side of the living quarters.

Brickwork of the storage shed and teh bathrooms/showers
Brickwork of the storage shed and teh bathrooms/showers.

The framing and roof were soon finished. Its style of construction is termed "Sansibar Roof", according to the nearby island "Sansibar", where such roofs are common.

Creation of the circular beam
Creation of the circular beam.

A "Sansibar Roof" consists of a circular beam which is fastened with cement and has palm leaves on top of it (a.k.a. "Makuti Roof"). Shaded air circulates between the ceiling and the hip roof, thus protecting the inside from the tropical heat. The overhang and small deck add some additional shade.

A small deck provides some shade
A small deck provides some shade.

Doors, windows and electrical cables are to be installed and solar panels are to be mounted to the adjacent building (shower/bathrooms and storage). One of these rooms can serve as a temporary shelter, until more buildings are finished.