To acquire money you need to be clever. To keep money you need prudence and to meaningfully spend money will take a tremendous amount of skill.

Berthold Auerbach

There are two ways of supporting this project – by a “regular monthly standing order“ or a “one-time donation“:

  • With the help of a monthly payment you will support the ongoing operation of the orphanage. Even the smallest support is welcome.
  • One-time donations will be used for the construction and furnishing of the necessary buildings as well as the purchase of machines and equipment.

Regular donations will enable us to plan over a longer period of time. This is important, because the children will require ongoing support.

For US citizens who would like to donate through a 501(c)3 organization we offer the possibility to donate through our partners "OCI" (accepts credit card) or "Restore a Child" - please do not forget to mention our project's name (Dunia ya Heri) so that the donation will be passed on to us.

„Alternatively you may wire your donations directly to our Euro account in Germany (tax deductible for German citizens) or to our USD account in Tanzania:

German Account

Sparkasse Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen
IBAN: DE 18 7005 4306 0011 3977 59

Tanzanian Account

NCBA Bank Tanzania Limited, Kariakoo Branch, Dar es Salaam
Account number TSHS: 147671100026
Account Number USD: 147671100058
Swift Code: CBAFTZTZ
Intermediary Bank: CITIBANK NEW YORK, swift: CITIUS33


  • For persons who do not need a 501(c)3 organization for their donations, Credit Cards as well as PayPal are also accepted at "" of which we are a member.
  • “Dunia ya Heri” is a charitable, publicly renowned organization, registered at the “Amtsgericht München – VR 205734”.
  • Within Germany donations are tax-deductible under German law (arrangements for tax deduction in other countries could be made; please contact us in advance).
  • Even though contribution receipts will be issued at the beginning of each calendar year (for donations of the previous year), a contribution receipt can be extended at irregular intervals – if so desired.
  • To be able to issue contribution receipts we ask you to please give us your full address.