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A Gift

"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him." - Psalm 127


We met him in November. His name is Kaleb.

We gave him this name. Nobody knows when exactly he was born – but when we saw him, we estimated that he was around two weeks old. The morning before somebody had found him lying near the railway tracks. He was fortunate. He was brought to one of the local orphanages. Kaleb is not the only child suffering abandonment. In some of the African countries of the Sub-Sahara region more than 30% of the population are infected with HIV. Whole generations of parents are dying from AIDS, leaving their children behind. Often their family members are not able to take care of them. Because each child is unique and precious - we would like to give children like Kaleb a home and a better future. We have a dream. We want to establish an orphanage so that children will have a better chance of becoming valuable members of society. May we take you along on a trip to East Africa?


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  • The Education

    Our foundation consists of love, protection as well as autonomy. By conveying values such as honesty and responsibility, our children will become role models for society.

  • The Educators

    Our African "mamas", as they are lovingly called, possess the required experience to provide a caring and consistent education.

  • The Size

    In order to provide an informal atmosphere and to meet the needs of every child, no more than 60 orphans will be received.

  • The Autonomy

    As a long-term goal, we strive to be self-sustaining in respect to staples, water and energy.

  • The Place

    We decided to help those kids which live near a major city and are thus affected more than others.

  • The Property

    Our 12 acres of land are located a little over an hour south of Der es Salaam, Tanzania. The proximity to the city simplifies things such as medical care; at the same time, the property is rural, hilly and fertile, thus enabling cultivation of fruit trees and vegetables.

  • The Masterplan

    In order to receive the first children in 2016, construction is scheduled to begin before the end of 2015. The buildings will be arranged like an African village - this will make for an informal atmosphere.


A Chance to Create a Better World

It is not easy to put oneself into the position of a person who has to deal with the challenging circumstances connected to the loss of one’s family.We are aware of the fact that there are many organizations soliciting support for children in the Third World. Because of our personal involvement we are able to supply our donors with a maximum amount of transparency in all of our activities. We would like to point out the following facts:
  • 100% of all donations – without any deduction of any administrative costs of our organization – will go directly towards the project of “Dunia ya Heri” in Tanzania.
  • Aside from the supply of food and shelter we also care for the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of our children.
  • Our children will receive an education which in the long run will enable them to stand on their own feet in the future.

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