The Education

»Education is nothing else but an example of love.«

Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel

As Christians we believe that a child’s education should be based on Christian principles.  The focus should be on the development of a well-balanced character.  This means that at the center of any education there should be care and love.  We want to give the children a feeling of security so that they can develop self-determination, honesty and a sense of responsibility.  Because of these sound principles of education the children should become positive examples to others.

As long as it does not contradict Christian ideals “DuniayaHeri” wants to preserve the African culture with many of its positive customs and habits.  At the same time international standards will be conveyed so that the children will be able to adapt socially and to increase their job-opportunities.

Ideally, orphans will be admitted as babies or toddlers.  And just like in any other family  they should be cared for until the time when they have completed their education and are able to take on full responsibility for their own lives.

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