To be in a position of receiving the first orphans an initial investment of approximately $285,000 (250.000 Euros) is needed. The following buildings have top priority:

  • A dormitory
  • A nursery with a small kitchen and laundry-room for babies and toddlers
  • A general chapel and meeting room
  • A generator house with a small office
  • A water tower
  • A building for the entrance gate

Additionally, equipment, machinery and furniture at a cost of approximately $46,000 (40.000 Euros) will be needed. Without taking into consideration the expense in connection with the German family, we calculate the running costs of the orphanage for the first year at approximately $42,000 (37.000 Euros).

In order to be able to receive all of the planned 60 children, an additional budget of $228,000 (200.000 Euros) is needed for:

  • Further dormitories
  • A kitchen with a dining hall
  • A laundry room and storage house
  • Two school buildings, each with one classroom for pre-school education.
  • Accommodation for personnel and volunteer workers.

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